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Homemade Remedies

**The authors of this site are neither licensed physicians nor scientists; we simply provide a space where hard to find information is free for the gathering. Use common sense when implementing any of our suggestions or those of your fellow reader. **

Apply butter to minor scrapes or cuts to relieve pain and aid in healing.

Homemade Remedies

Herbal Remedies

Simple Remedies

Index of Conditions and Treatments

Health Care


Simple Diets



An enema of warm water and common table salt was used to relieve constipation as well as relieve stomach viruses and intestinal infections.

Castor Oil works well on insect bites as well as headaches and upset stomachs.

Apply warm salt water on a burn and it will help reduce pain as well as prevent infection.

Honey helps relieve chest congestion…you can also heat it with a touch of whiskey and apple cider vinegar to help heal cold and flu symptoms.

You can create your own homemade cough syrup with a mixture of sugar and whiskey…heat till thickened.

To relieve colic, dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in water; do not give to children under 12.

Salt and warm water applied into ear with a dropper dissolves wax buildup and reduces ear pain.

To reduce Garlic breath or bad breath for that matter, chew on some fresh parsley or fresh celery. There are also teas you can drink to help reduce bad mouth odors.

A tablespoon of peanut butter may very well cure hiccups.

One old time remedy for asthma was to breathe in salty water up your nose several times a day; also good for relieving nasal congestion and avoiding sinus infections if snorted with a touch of baking soda.

A mixture of warm honey, whiskey, and apple cider vinegar is an old time remedy for arthritic bones.

For extreme body odor, pour a cup of pure tomato juice in your bath water and soak half hour. This procedure works on pets as well.

To relieve itching on scalp or body, apply apple cider vinegar. Rinse off after application.

A warm castor oil pack applied on soar muscles will relieve pain. For better penetration use a heating pad over applied oil

Castor oil mixed with baking soda is an excellent treatment for ingrown toenails as well as warts. Simply mix equal amounts, leave on half hour and rinse clean.

Castor oil may be taken as an antitoxin as well as may be useful in the battle against to strengthen the immune system.

Rub a lemon slice on skin to instantly reduce oils… …also works well for age spots and lightening hair.

A note on Body Care: Do not over-exfoliate your skin…it may cause over drying and flakiness. Always remember to moisturize after exfoliation…especially for drier skins. When using astringents, it is best to use alcohol free products. Using a cotton washcloth with a mild soap daily is more than enough exfoliation for the body.

Footcare: If you suffer from dry ruff feet, simply put them in warm water and epsom mineral salts for approximately 30 minutes..remove and rinse with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Apply pure vitamin E moisturizer or break apart a vitamin E capsule and rub all over foot and ankle area. Put on a pair of socks and closed shoes. Repeat for about a month and feet will look and feel more supple.

This also works with discolored and brittle toe nails due to over use of nail polishes, which by the way are not healthy for toenails. The structure of toenails is different from that of finger nails. By constant application of polish to toenails, you are not allowing the nail to breathe causing a lot of the fungus infections we see today. A comfortable shoe will help with your foot restoration process.

Bubble Bath Gels are the leading cause of genital irritations. Use sparingly and make sure to rinse yourself as well as your children; try to purchase one with minimal additives.

An enema of warm water and common table salt was used to relieve constipation as well as relieve stomach viruses and intestinal infections.

Epsom Salts may be used as an internal laxative. It increases the water in your intestines thus promoting pressure leading to a bowel movement. Read instructions on box concerning measurements and usage for children… remember, laxatives in any form should only be used as temporary constipation relief.

Epsom salts is excellent in a warm bath for sprains and bruises, arthritis, and stiff joints…as well as muscle aches.

Epsom Salts bath will not only relax your body but also promotes healthy blood circulation.

Epsom Salts will also help with pain of insect bites as well as draw out splinters in skin.

Epsom Salts will deep clean your pores as well as soften skin.

Epsom Salts should be used only in moderation. Read package instructions carefully.

Honey added to any cold drink will energize you.

Honey added to a hot tea in the evening will promote restful sleep.

For indigestion, take a tablespoon of honey to relieve acid buildup.

Honey has been used to treat heart disease... using it as a sweetener every day is quite beneficial for your heart.

Honey is wonderful for children as a disinfectant for minor skin wounds as well as promotes healing.

Use on lips for both children and adults to treat dryness and chapped skin.

Lemon juice can be mixed in with most drinks as an antioxidant.

Lemon is great for bad breathe as well as helping to fight bacterial infections, which is why it is often used in hot teas when you have a cold.

Lemon can also be applied on minor body fungi.

Lemon oil makes a delightful fragrance for the body and may be mixed with perfume body oils for that extra fresh scent that lasts all day.

Lemon juice was used in olden days to help reduce slight fevers as well as great in the treatment of sore throats and mouth sores.

SALT is cheap as well as useful; as with baking soda, it may be added to other natural cleaners as a mild abrasive.

1) Salt makes a great antibiotic for minor scrapes and cuts.
2) Salt makes an excellent gargle mixed with warm water…
mix equal parts salt and warm water.
3) If you run out of toothpaste, salt may be used in place of your regular toothpaste… for added whiteness, use along with baking soda

Salt may be mixed with honey as a scrub mask for oilier skin.

Salt and beaten egg-whites may be used as a quick scrub. Sugar is often used with honey or beaten egg-whites for drier skins…milder. Never apply a mask or scrub around eye area! The tissue of the eye area is thinner and weaker than the rest of your face and neck.

For chapped lips, scrub gently with honey…then apply a gentle moisturizer such as olive oil or coconut oil.

Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer for both hair, body, and face as well as a great make-up remover.

Olive oil may also be used as a hair conditioner for dry scalp and/or dry, lifeless, chemically treated hair.

Olive Oil may also be taken for constipation.

The following is a simple all natural daily facial cleansing regiment handed down by women in my family.

1) Apply olive oil. Wipe clean.
2) Beat the whites of an egg and apply all over face and neck area; let dry. Your face will tighten. Rinse off with warm water. Oilier skins should leave on for a longer amount of time and rinse off with cold water.
3) Mix equal parts honey and sugar…apply all over face and neck area. Massage in circular motion avoiding the eye area; then simply rinse off with warm water. Oilier skins may mix honey and salt then rinse off with cold water.
4) Wash with a mild soap and warm water.
5) On a cotton ball apply rose water over face and neck area. Let dry.
6) Finish off by applying a gentle moisturizer.

PLEASE NOTE: The eye area has thinner, drier tissue; only apply a gentle moisturizer in such an area. Your local health food stores carry wonderful natural eye moisturizers. The above steps may be used daily with the exception of your facial mask and scrub which should only be applied two to four times a month depending on strength and oiliness of skin.

I also recommend a milk bath. Just fill your tub with warm water and however much milk you'd like…your skin will thank you for it and so will your face and hair…good for all skin types!

From Wayne, Little Rock, AK: River/Lake mud on a bee/hornet sting will take the sting away

A Note on Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar:
Garlic and vinegar boost your immune system and contain antibiotic
properties which can be helpful in cold weather; not to mention they slow down the aging process and in some cases help reduce high blood pressure. Vinegar also cuts out fat that's been stored in your body.

Onions as well have cleansing properties.

I'm sure you've heard quite a bit about Lycopene which is found in tomatoes and helps fight heart disease and cancer; well… here's a list of some other foods that contain this important nutrient. I've listed these in order from highest concentration to lowest:

Tomato paste
Spaghetti sauce (no meat
Tomato soup
Fresh tomatoes
Tomato juice
Lasagne with meat sauce
Pizza (not white pizza)
All types of grapefruit

A natural old-time way to heal warts is to apply juice from milkweed a couple times a day for about 3 weeks or until wart starts to disappear.

Castor Oil works well on insect bites as well as headaches and upset stomachs; it doesn't have a very pleasant taste and can be taken with cold peppermint tea to remove lingering taste.
Honey helps relieve chest congestion…you can also heat it with a touch of whiskey and apple cider vinegar to help heal general cold and flu symptoms; take it easy on the whiskey…avoid the whiskey part with children.
Take baking soda dissolved in water to relieve colic; do not give to children under 12.
Salt and warm water applied in ear will dissolve the wax build up and possibly rid your ear ache. Wax build up in the ear can cause pain. Keep in mind though if the pain turns into an infection, seek medical help immediately. Don't play around with your inner ear- prolonged infection is the quickest way to hearing loss.
Remember that Garlic is great for your heart…eat plenty in any form followed by some fresh parsley or fresh celery to remove bad breath…I've also mentioned teas you can drink to help with continuous bad breath.
A tablespoon of peanut butter will cure hiccups…startling someone is an old wives tale that really doesn't work; also, don't hold your children up side down to remove hiccups.
For healthier blood as well as circulation, drink sassafras root tea once a day. One old time home remedy for asthma was to breathe in salty water up your nose several times a day; also good for relieving nasal congestion and avoiding sinus infection if snorted with a touch of baking soda.
If you are a woman prone to bladder or urinary trac infections, always wash immediately following intercourse. Dry off with clean 100% cotton towel.
A warm bath with Epsom Salts will relax muscles, bones and nerves. It will also help in the healing of certain minor rashes, cuts or bruises.
For early sinus relief apply a warm wash cloth to affected sinus area. It will help your sinuses drain and release pressure thus interrupt formation of an infection. Repeat about three times a day or as needed.
Drink eight to sixteen 8oz. Glasses of water a day to get rid of STORED FAT already in your system. Use this method in moderation…water can also eliminate much needed nutrients if taken in excess for long periods of time.
Intake of butter rather than margarine or butter substitutes is healthier…use butter in moderation.
The ingredients in sugar substitutes are not as healthy for consumption as pure sugar. Choose foods and drinks containing their own naturally produced sugar. Honey as a sweetener is still your best bet…the same goes for fat free products; these also go through a chemical process in order to remove their fat content; often with additives left in. Purchase products naturally lower in fat and cholesterol
AMENORRHEA: (Unexplainable lack of monthly menstrual cycle)
Some causes found are:

Constant Dieting


Being underweight


Over exercising

Some Physiological disorders

Lack of proteins as a result of a poorly maintained vegetarian diet, Vegetarians need B-12 supplementation!

Low iron intake

Be sensible and try to make changes according to the causes listed above. Eat healthier, exercise in moderation, relax more and finally seek testing and guidance from your health practitioner.

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